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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:18 pm

1. Do not spam the boards. There will be times where we may be joking around, but if we ask you to cut it out I expect you to do so.

2. Do not post any explicit pictures on the board. These are not my rules but the host website.

3. Do not belittle other users. You challenge and question their opinion but not the user itself.

4. No verbal harrasment will be tolerated. It is encouraged to have some smack talk, but we are all "big boys" here so you know when you have crossed that line.

5. If you have a problem with a member, then privately address it with me. Do not go posting it around.

6. The chatbox is a privilege and not a necessity. In past leagues it has been used heavily and hopefully the same here. But if you choose to attack users while they are there or not or anything to that effect, then we can take it away from you or the league at any point of time.

7. Rules are subject to be added at any time. You will notified of them, but an excuse of I didn't see them will not be accepted if you break the rule. Appropriate actions will still be taken.
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Code of Conduct
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