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 Minor League Bidding System

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PostSubject: Minor League Bidding System   Minor League Bidding System Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 2:38 pm

Ok there are a few situations in which you will have an open spot on your minor league team. Yes you can fill it, but there are some restrictions. I currently am using this in my baseball lague and at times it can be a bitch with some things for us commissioners updating wise and people going bid crazy. Here we go:

- Each team will be assigned $25 before each season to use to bid on players. These bidding dollars CAN NOT BE TRADED.

- You can bid on any player not owned by another team and IS in the NHL Minors.

- You will only lose your bidding dollars if you win the bid.

- You may add and drop players from your roster at your will. The reason bidding dollars is a bit low though is so you use them wisely and don't just add/drop the same guys every day.

- Only whole dollar bids are acceptable. You can not bid $1.01. Minimum bid is also $1.

- There will be a designated forum opened where you must post the player's name, team, & position in the title. Also, you will have 24 hrs after your bid is won to sign him; just post who you are dropping for him in that same thread you bidded. If you fail to do this in 24 hrs he is lost; Im sorry and it will be inforced.

- Once a bid reaches $10 you raise it by $2.

- No retractable bids. Once you post a bid its there; dont PM Matt or Me and ask us to delete it or change it in anyways (unless the # doesnt exist like you put $187).

- No price driving; you know what it is. Do not bid just to outbid; if we determine you are you will be penalized.

- You have $12 hrs to raise a bid; once 12 hrs has passed the bid is won and is open to be signed by the winner. Im sorry if you get screwed by the midnight bidders who log on at midnight to bid. If this becomes too much we will adjust it mid-season.

- This may sound confusing; if you are bidding on multiple players the player whose bid you win first in who you get. For example.

Team A bids $8 on Oshie
Team A bids $12 on Stamkos
Team B bids $9 on Oshie
Team B bids $14 on Stamkos
Team A bids $10 on Oshie
Team A bids $16 on Stamkos
12 hrs pass and Team A wins Oshie; hr obviously doesnt have enough money to win Stamkos so that bid is null and void and the 12 hrs are refreshed from his post with Team B leading the bid again.

Sounds confusing at first, but it really is not.
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PostSubject: Re: Minor League Bidding System   Minor League Bidding System Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 9:14 am

Let's say someone doesn't use any of their $$ over the 1st year...Do they then have 50$ for the next year?

You might have covered it, but i guess i overlooked it then.
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Minor League Bidding System
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