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 NHL Minor's System

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NHL Minor's System Empty
PostSubject: NHL Minor's System   NHL Minor's System Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 2:39 pm

- 8 players may be held on your minor league roster.
- We will have a 8 round Inaugural NHL Minors Draft after our NHL Inaugural Draft is complete.
- After each season we will have a 4 round NHL Rookie Draft. It will consist of only players from the past real life NHL Rookie Daft (If we had one this year it would be the Stamkos class).
- The call-up/send down system will be simple. You may only call up a player if he is rosted on an NHL roster at the current time. But once you recall him from your minor league roster you may not send him down until he has been sent down in real life. You also have the ability to send other players on your NHL roster down as long as they have been sent down in real life.
- If you call someone up and have an open minor league spot you may bid on any player not belonging to another FANTASY team and is in the REAL NHL MINORS. If you choose to send someone down to your minor league team, but your roster is maxed out you must cut someone. There is no minor league IR.
- Bidding! Woohoo, what are you talking about? All bidding information can be found HERE
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NHL Minor's System
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